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South Dorset Pest Control provides professional wasp nest removal across Weymouth South Dorset Pest Control provides professional wasp nest removal across Weymouth, Dorchester and surrounding local areas for just £84 VAT inclusive, weekend callouts will occur an additional charge.

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Wasp infestation near Dorchester before our wasp controlAt South Dorset Pest Control we understand the concern of a wasp nest at your property, it is important that you do not go near a live wasp nest as wasps swarm if they feel threatened in any way, they will sting multiple times, this could be dangerous, so it is important that you leave it to the specialist team at South Dorset Pest Control.

Our wasp nest removal experts are fully qualified with RSPH level 2 in pest management which enable us to use effective methods, our wasp nest removal specialists are equipped with all necessary protective clothing to complete the treatment quickly and safely to ensure all adult insects and their larvae are destroyed. You will also find all our pest controllers are friendly and approachable and will happily talk you through the work that they carry out. South Dorset Pest Control offers flexible appointment times to suit your requirements.


Wasp nest removal Weymouth Wasps make their nests from chewed wood pulp and saliva which gives them distinctive papery walls. Wasps will continue to build their nest throughout the summer months and can reach from 2,000 to 7,000 wasps in a single nest. Nests are usually built in sheltered spots such as hollow logs, under bark, soil and leaves however they also inhabit human structures with an easy access to the outside. You can often find wasp nests in wall cavities, roof spaces, under eaves, in bird boxes, sheds or garages.

A continuous loud buzzing sound indicates a large volume of wasps. You might also hear a strange scratching and crackling sound from walls as wasps continue to expand their nests.

The easiest way to locate a wasp nest is to carefully watch the flight path of returning wasps, the number of wasps will increase in the summer so this will become easier.

Remember! It is advised that you do not attempt to remove a wasp nest especially if you have a sensitivity to stings. Disturbing a nest will provoke the wasps to attack it is always best to leave
wasp nest removal to the professionals.

Wasp nest removal Weymouth We are the leading South Coast providers for wasp nest removal we are completely reliable and affordable. We charge just £84 VAT inclusive within the local area. We’ll take care of the first nest with no hidden fees, we can reach up to 9-metres high. We also offer a 50% discount for those with multiple nests treated at the same time. The treatment is quick and you will see results within 24-48 hours, if the problem persists beyond 7 days we will come back and re-treat the same location free of charge.


For your peace of mind our local team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning if you identify a wasp nest in your home or just need some advice call us today on 01305 708 519 or 07811 453 722.

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