Rat & Mouse Control

£90 per visit only!

South Dorset Pest Control understand that finding Rats and Mice is upsetting but these are common pests that find their way into homes and businesses. South Dorset Pest Control are here to help with Rat and Mouse Control in Weymouth, Dorchester and surrounding areas for just £180 VAT inclusive. This involves 2 visits, however if additional visits are required these will be charged at £90 VAT inclusive per visit. Weekend callouts will incur an additional charge.

Rat Control

Rat and mouse control Weymouth, Dorchester and Dorset - this bin was damaged by rats!

Rats enter homes and businesses in search of dry, safe shelter as well as food. Rats will scrounge food from human resources to store for later consumption as food sources become scarce during the colder months. Rats can reproduce every six weeks with a litter of six -eight pups which can mean a small rat issue will quickly turn into a rat infestation, if left untreated.

The Danger Of Rats

Rat and mouse control Weymouth, Dorchester and Dorset - this bin was damaged by rats!

Rats are known to spread diseases, they will use a latrine to urinate in a specific area before walking over food and surfaces which increase the risk of diseases transmitted by rats such as Leptospirosis, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome and Salmonellosis.

Rats also cause a lot of damage to properties to make their nests. They will use items that are within reach, normally piles of shredded materials, cardboard, loft insulation and soft household rubbish. They can also damage property by leaving gnawing marks.

Mouse Control

Rat and mouse control Weymouth, Dorchester and Dorset - this bin was damaged by rats!

Mice are smaller than Rats and they have hair on their tails as well as having larger ears. They constantly gnaw due to their ever-growing incisors; their teeth can grow 0.3 mm each day, gnawing can cause damage to homes especially roof insulation, plaster boards, water pipes and electric wires, which is normally the cause of power cuts or water leaks.

Mice can carry up to 200 human pathogens such as hantavirus, salmonella and Listeria which is harmful to people.

Mice breed rapidly, a female mouse can have a gestation period of 19-21 days so therefore they may have between 5-10 litters per year leading to an infestation quickly getting out of hand.

Signs of Mice Infestation

  • Mouse droppings – mice often scatter their droppings which measure approximately 3-6mm long and looks like black grains of rice.
  • Smear marks – mice leave dark brown/black grease marks from their fur.
  • Gnawing marks – mice constantly gnaw due to their teeth but damaging marks will often be on wood, carpets, pipes and electrical cables.
  • Noises – you may hear mice scratching or squeaking in roofs or wall cavities.
  • Nests- mice will build their nests in warm soft spaces, a sign that a nest may be near is finding shredded material.
  • Strong smell – mice urinate frequently which gives off a strong ammonia smell and urine pillars (urine mixed with grease and dirt to form mounds) may be present.

Top Tips Rat & Mouse Control For Your Property.

  • Clear up pet food and bird feed when you are not using it.
  • Compost bins should be fastened tightly, or food waste kept to a minimum.
  • Keep all foods in sealed containers.
  • Ensure outdoor bins have secure lids.
  • Remove harbourage points, identify entry points, Fill any holes in exterior walls, roofing cavities, and eaves.
  • Rats usually get into homes and businesses through the sewage system. Using a rat wall will stop rats accessing the residential sewage system without reducing the flow of the system.
  • Mice can Squeeze though small spaces to enter buildings, mouse control vents are a tough solution as mice can chew the plastic from standard air bricks.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrel Removal

We also offer squirrel control as they are a part of the rodent family. Squirrels like their cousins cause a lot of damage to homes and gardens. Spring traps are designed to kill instantly, trapping is a successful method that can remove 100% of the resident grey squirrels in your home and garden. All traps must be visited regularly to check the catch. We will also advise you on any proofing work that may be required to prevent squirrels from causing further damage in the future.

Contact Us for Rat & Mouse Control in Weymouth, Dorchester and surrounding local areas.

We recommend acting quickly to ensure the potential infestation doesn’t spread any further. For more information or a quote to supply and install a rat wall or mouse vent don’t hesitate to get in touch, please call 01305 708 519 or 07811 453 722. For Commercial premises a Site Survey can be arranged at a convenient time to discuss your Rat or Mouse Control needs.

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