Keep the creepy-crawlies at bay with professional insect control from South Dorset Pest Control in Dorchester, Weymouth and across Dorset. We exterminate wasps, hornets, bed bugs, and more.

Insect control Dorchester, Weymouth & Dorset such as these caterpillars

All insects

There are more than 2,500 types of insects and we provide support for almost all of them! Our Eco-friendly products get rid of insects quickly and safely, while creating minimal disruption for your family or customers. We'll also identify conditions that insects enjoy and take preventative action to prevent future infestations.

Wasps and Hornets

Wasps and hornets are a dangerous nuisance and they often nest in hard-to-reach spaces, such as lofts, garages, and trees. Don't risk tackling a nest yourself and call the experts at South Dorset Pest Control for a FREE survey.

We have a variety of techniques for getting rid of these pests, including fumigation, smoke bombs, and spraying.

Bee relocation

Bee populations are becoming an endangered species, so if you have an unwanted swarm on your property, contact us for a fast, reliable bee collection service.

Other insects

Insects can make your home unlivable or drive customers away from your business. We deal with infestations of all sorts of insects, including:

  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Bed Bugs

Contact us for insect removal in Dorset

If you have an insect problem and need pest control, call our friendly team immediately for a completely thorough service. Call us now on 01305 708 519 or 07811 453 722.


Insect Control in Homes across Weymouth, Dorchester & Dorset

Suspect your home has an infestation? South Dorset Pest Control can react fast to control the problem with minimal fuss.


Commercial Insect Control across Weymouth, Dorchester & Dorset

We prevent pests creating damage to your property and creating serious health hazards.


Agricultural Insect Control on farms across Weymouth, Dorchester & Dorset

Agricultural pests can ruin your harvest and cost your farm a fortune. We effectively control Rats, Mice, Wasps, Moles and Rabbits.