Bird Control

Bird spikes used for bird control in Weymouth and DorchesterFrom their noisy nature and aggressiveness during nesting season to the mess and damage caused by their droppings, birds can be a significant problem for both homeowners and businesses. At South Dorset Pest Control we offer a wide range of bird control services and are on hand to assist in putting an end to any bird-related issues you are experiencing. Our team of pest control specialists are experts when it comes to bird problems and whatever the situation may be, we are confident we can deliver the perfect solution.

Bird Alert

Bird alert system for bird control in Weymouth and DorchesterBirds are intelligent creatures, but they are no match for Bird Alert. This industry-leading bird scarer utilises smart technology to offer a bird control method for farms and commercial premises that is truly second to none. Bird Alert monitors your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using its special microphone that can detect specific species of bird at a distance of 250 metres. After a bird is detected and identified, Bird Alert then activates a distress call unique to that species, encouraging any nearby birds to disperse.

If you are interested in Bird Alert for your premises, we are more than happy to offer a free demonstration so that you see this highly effective system in action.

Falconry Bird Control

Falconry Bird Control Weymouth and Dorchester

Falconry bird control involves the introduction of a bird of prey into an area in order to scare pest birds away and discourage them from returning. As you might expect, most birds aren’t too comfortable sticking around if there is a hawk or buzzard in the vicinity, so this type of bird control produces fantastic results. Our in-house falconer will visit your premises, evaluate the extent of your bird problem and recommend a plan of action. The number and frequency of visits required to successfully rid you of your bird problem will vary depending on the species of pest bird and the scale of the issue.

Other Bird Control Services

Some bird control methods are more suitable for certain situations than others. However, at South Dorset Pest Control we have professional solutions for any type of bird problem, at any type of property. Our full range of bird control services includes:

  • Bird Netting - Available in different colours to match buildings and backgrounds, bird netting provides a physical barrier that prevents birds from accessing areas they aren’t welcome in.
  • Anti-Perching Spikes - Ideal for ledges, columns and other areas you’d like to prevent birds from landing on. Secured firmly in place, these stainless steel spikes provide a humane deterrent to pigeons, gulls and other birds.
  • Daddi Long Legs Bird Deterrent - This anti-perch solution offers a unique rotating design that covers a diameter of up to 2.5 metres. Typically used to protect flat surfaces that are regularly accessed for maintenance, such as roofs, air conditioning units and street lights.
  • Bird Wire Systems - Versatile bird deterrent using steel wires secured to posts that can be adapted to fit any type of domestic or commercial building. Provides effective bird control for light to medium bird populations.
  • Bird Free Gel - Using ultraviolet waves that birds will aim to avoid, this is an optical deterrent that repels all types of birds. It doesn’t cause any damage to buildings and is less visible than some other bird control methods.
  • Solar Panel Pigeon Protection - Pigeons and some other birds may nest under your solar panels, with their presence often resulting in damage and decreased efficiency. Whether you are a homeowner or business, we can provide bespoke solutions to prevent this.
  • Guano Removal - If left uncleaned bird fouling can cause health and safety risks, as well as damaging paintwork and stonework. We can remove guano and other mess associated with birds, followed by thorough cleaning and disinfecting, to ensure your property is clear of risk.
  • Population Control - Typically only considered as a final option when all other avenues have been exhausted. We understand that population control is a highly sensitive area and our specialists are experts in dealing with each situation in an ethical and responsible manner.

Bird Control in Dorset

We are always happy to offer advice and guidance on what method of bird control is most suitable for your specific problem. If you require any type of bird control in Weymouth, Dorchester or throughout South Dorset, get in touch with our friendly team today, call us today on 01305 708 519 or 07811 453 722.


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